Daniel Steinberg has been active in the tourism industry for about 30 years as a travel expert. In 1982 Daniel, known as Danny, was asked to arrange a tour to Israel for a group of disabled persons from England ,members of the prestigious PHAB organization. This challenge drove him to be involved in the development of tourist facilities for the disabled - an undertaking that he continues to this day.

Since then he has arranged and executed dozens of trips for groups and individuals with specialized needs in Israel and abroad in collaboration with a variety of organizations including the Roof organization of Israeli disabled , Israeli Disabled War Veterans, French organizations including Naguilla and APF, PHAB, Mobility international, SATH and more.

Danny is Israeli-born, married, father of five, is world renowned in the field of disabled tourism.

Amongst the countries Danny has operated successful group tours you find: Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Scandinavia, Tenerife, Russia, Georgia, Japan, Canada, Alaska, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, Prague, Thailand, Vietnam, Lapland, Poland, China, Greece, England, Australia, New Zealand, Peru  and more.

Daniel has been a member of many organizations in Israel and abroad and was sent by the UN to lecture on Disabled Tourism at an international convention in South Africa organized by the UN. He was a founding member of the Telem Centre in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem and devotes time for the welfare of disabled persons within the field of tourism.